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Your information will be updated in the library's accounts database within 24 hours. If you would like your information updated immediately, please visit any library branch.

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    NOTE: While the library sends email notifications, we cannot guarantee their delivery. Please be sure that LIBAccountServices@fairfaxcounty.gov is listed as acceptable in any spam-blocking software you have. Failure to receive a reminder notice does not waive your responsibility for the timely return of materials or any fees incurred.

  • The Fairfax County Public Library does not keep records of the items you check out from the library after those items are returned unless you ask us to do so. If you wish to have your checkout history available to you through your online account, please check the box below.


  • Which Library Branch would you prefer as the location for items to be held for you.


  • All information collected by the Fairfax County Public Library is a public record. The Virginia Freedom of Information Act (VFOIA) (Virginia Code 2.2-3700 et.seq.) gives citizens of the Commonwealth and representatives of certain news organizations the right to inspect and copy many public records held by Fairfax County, with some exceptions. The Library may withhold your email address in accordance with VFOIA if you request that we do so. Please check below to notify us that we should or should not release your email address under VFOIA.


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